Illustration from the manuscript of the Romance of Varqa and Gulshah, c1250.

20, 20a: La contemplation de Gulshāh, la lutte entre Warqah et RabÄ«‘; un lapin entre les pieds du cheval de RabÄ«‘; derrière lui, un oiseau; derrière Gulshāh trois oiseaux aux positions diverses; fond sans couleur.
20, 20a: The contemplation of Gulshāh, the fight between Warqah and RabÄ«‘, a rabbit between the feet of RabÄ«‘'s horse; behind him, a bird; behind Gulshāh three birds at various positions; background without colour.

f.20/20a Gulshah (right) disguised as a man, watches as her lover Varqa (centre) and his rival Rabi fight on horseback.

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