Akbar Receives Trophies of War from Asaf Khan, 1565
from the Akbarnama

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Details on the left half painted by Bhagwan
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Details on the right half painted by Nanha
Composition designed by Miskina. These paintings depict the Mughal emperor Akbar (r.1556–1605) encamped before the River Ganges in north-east India. From 1565 to 1567 Akbar was occupied in suppressing rebellion by disaffected Uzbek officers in his service in the eastern provinces of the empire. He took the field in May 1565 and succeeded in driving the rebels out of the territory. When Akbar encamped at Jaunpur during the campaign, he was joined by his leading general Asaf Khan and other officers, who presented the emperor with rare gifts from the region, and with horses from Iran and Turkey. V & A Museum.

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