Illustration from

Nihayat al-su'l, 1371

a manual of horsemanship and military practice.

folio 129v. An illustration of a horseman with a small shield round his neck and a sword in his hand which he brandishes to left and right.
Executed under the Mamelukes, in Syria or Egypt. Source: British Library, Add. 18866.

Referenced on p14, The Mamluks - 1250-1517 by David Nicolle:
One of the finest Mamluk furusiyah manuscripts is a copy of the Nihayat al-su'l made n 1371. Among the many exercises is this showing a muqalladin 'fully equiped' horseman shooting with an arrow-guide, with a daraqa saghira smalll leather shield on his shoulder and a sayf sword resting on his elbow.

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